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I was craving for something sweet Saturday night. Then I thought maybe Felix could make something for us to celebrate Valentine’s day early, since he would have night shift at the hospital on V day. (Now I admit I was just feeling lazy…)

He isn’t really very good at baking or making desserts… He was mumbling and mumbling and then suddenly he found a super easy Serradura recipe. Then he got up, went to Meijers, and came back with ingredients.

It was the most perfect Serradura I have ever had! (Not really the most delicious, but you know what I mean, right? )

材料 Ingredient (6小杯/6 servings)

煉奶   Condensed milk 100-150 g (視乎你的理想甜度 Depends on how sweet you want it to be)
餅乾 Graham Crackers  500 g
淡忌廉 (鮮奶油)Heavy Whipping Cream  16oz (1盒)
可可粉 Cocoa Powder(可不加)2湯匙 /Tbsp

做法 Steps 

  1. 將餅乾放進兩個保鮮袋內,壓碎,碎得像木糠一般(他甚至用了筲箕來確保餅乾碎夠「碎」…),可以拌上可可粉。放在一旁備用。
    Put the graham crackers into a ziplock bag (Double bag if you don’t want them to fall out). Crash them! You can add cocoa powder into the crashed crackers.
  2. 將淡忌廉(鮮奶油)和煉奶倒在大盆內,用電動發蛋器發至稠。(老貓將淡忌廉發得很硬才加煉奶,如果早一點下煉奶可能成品會更美觀。現在有點厚。)
    Mix together the heavy whipping cream and condensed milk until thick. (Right between liquid and solid… does it make sense…?)
  3. 準備好容器,用勺子將餅碎一層平放在底部,上面加一層(2)的忌廉(鮮奶油),然後再加餅碎…一層一層的。老貓的淡忌廉(鮮奶油)太稠,所以只弄了一層~
    Pour in a layer of crashed crackers in your desired container. He was using a pudding cup from some creme bruleé we bought from Costco. Then use a spoon to layer some whipped cream and condensed milk on the crashed crackers. Repeat.
  4. 完成!放進雪櫃(冰箱)兩、三小時就可吃了!即時吃也可以,就會是不同質感了。想要雪糕(冰淇淋)口感的就放在雪櫃久一點。
    Done! Put it in the fridge for at least 3 hours. If you want an ice-cream-like texture, keep it in the fridge over night.

    原食譜/Original Recipe:

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